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New Partnership Between DeCurret and KDDI to Examine Digital CurrencyNew Partnership Between DeCurret and KDDI to Examine Digital Currency

We have seen Japan excited about the digital currency. After the origin of cryptocurrency in the market, Japan is leading when it comes to crypto projects. One of the famous e-commerce giants in Japan Rakuten partnered with the East Japan Railway Company on June 5 to promote a digital payment system

Not only in crypto projects but also, Japanese are also joining multiple projects in other fields. According to the latest news in the crypto world, we are going to see a new partnership between the Japanese telecom giant KDDI and crypto exchange DeCurret. Moreover, for a real-world transaction of blockchain, au Financial Holdings and WebMoney will handle a joint project to test digital currency.

Talking about how KDDI will implement the test of digital currency?

When it comes to implementing the test, KDDI will firstly request WebMoney to issue and distribute digital currency. As au Financial Holdings is a joint partner with WebMoney, the company will manage the work together. In this test, DeCurret will play a lead role by offering a digital platform for both the issuance and management of the digital currency.

The joint-project, which runs from Feb. 18 to Feb. 28, is part of DeCurret’s efforts to increase the range of services on their platform. Eventually, they are going to utilize this platform by testing cryptocurrency for real-world transactions like those at cafes.

Since DeCurret launched in the month of April 2019, now it has come a long way in the digital world. Japan’s Financial Services Agency has given permission to its users to refill the country’s Suica transportation cards by using cryptocurrency. The agency has already provided the authority of crypto exchange.

Today Total Coin Market Cap Update February 15, 2020Today Total Coin Market Cap Update February 15, 2020

Currently we are at 300 billion dollars. Last time we reached 300 billion dollars market cap was in August 2019.

So after 5 months, we are again at the same point.

We have resistance around 304 billion dollar and if we close above that then we can visit 340-350 billion dollar area which clearly indicates that BTC will go up and alts can also go up with BTC.

In last update, I informed you about the golden Cross over on Total market cap and it is confirmed now. So this is also a bullish sign.

The best part is- New money is entering the market and so alts are also moving with BTC.