Latest Cryptocurrency News: Golden Cross on BTC is Confirmed Now?

So far BTC is respecting 9500-9600 Weekly Support Zone.

Which is good but until we see good volume push towards upside – Trade carefully.

Took at new long from 9635 Zone

Tether 24 hr volume keeps on Rising

Crazy Fact –

Tether Circulating supply : 4.6 Billion
24 Hr Volume : 61.7 Billion

thats 12x of circulating supply – This has never happened before.

Here is a good news for you people-

The golden Cross on BTC is confirmed now and chances are high that BTC will make a good move sooner or later.

If everything goes right, soon we will be seeing 10400 coming and when Bull cross happens in bull market, then its a clear indication to buy the dips.

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